"The darling of Kenyan schools and parents." - CNN

With just a click of a few buttons, schools can send report cards to parents on their mobile phones, allowing them to keep better track of their children’s education.

In addition, schools can also use the platform to distribute exam results, fee balances and general communication messages.

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Thousands of schools use Sematime to communicate with parents everyday.

At Sematime, ‘we help any school, anywhere; connect with parents through the mobile phone.’ Our Shule yangu mkononi  initiative is all about making the services offered by a school accessible to parents/guardian through any phone. Parents simply dial *384*100# and get to know their kid’s information like; exam results, fee balances, fee structures, upcoming events among other things. This works even on a mulika mwizi’ phone. Incredible really, isn’t it?

Exam results

Login to the parent portals’and get detailed exam analysis, see graphs, compare past performances then download report cards.

Fee balances & structure

See how much fee balance you owe the school, get fee structure breakdown and find ‘How to pay’ instructions.


Never miss your son’s prize giving day again. Access upcoming events and receive SMS reminders on the go.


Get up-to the minute updates on all the important news and announcements from your school.


Be it school trips, school prizing day or drama festivals nothing captures all the smiles, hugs and good times than photos.

Join 1,000+ schools in Kenya using Sematime since 2011

Get unlimited SMS, mobile self-service access code (*384*100#), online parents’ portals, personalized

email addresses and well designed beautiful looking websites.