Revealed: The tricks students use to hide bad grades from parents

While it has been an open secret that students, especially in high schools, hide bad grades from their parents, we didn’t know for sure how grave this situation was. So on Monday, 13th February 2017, we set out to find out and what a better way to accomplish this than a post on our Facebook  page asking our fans to share their experience.

The person who gave us the most interesting experience would win a dinner for two at Fogo Gaucho – a Brazilian steakhouse in Nairobi renowned for their great meat dining . We got some really cool responses that we will be sharing with you in this post.

The winning comment was from Arnold Maxwell.

Here are the other great comments.

When it comes to hiding bad grades, students will always outsmart the school, teachers and parents. Thanks to Sematime parental engagement services, there are no more monkey businesses. The school can either send results to parents electronically via SMS or parents can dial *384*100# or use the Sematime app to have access the results using the phones.

Open a Sematime school account today here and say no to students’ monkey business.



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