SematimePlus comes out beta

Four years ago today, we launched the first version of Sematime to the world. Then, it was first online based text messaging platform of its kind in Kenya. For the very first time ever, schools needed not download or install any software, they just need to sign up on our website and manage all their communication from one centralized portal.

Late last year we set out to improve Sematime to make it interactive and more parents-oriented hence the name SematimePlus. The goal was to make student information accessible to parents at all times. Unlike with text messaging where parents relied on schools to push information to them, this new approach aimed at democratizing this information and making it available in real-time. We strongly felt that the more a parent understood about their kid’s performance in school they better placed they were to make decisions that ultimately help the kid improve.

With our history in text messaging, we had already established that mobile was the quickest and most reliable platform to engage parents from diverse economic backgrounds. Secondly, the fact that 8 out of every 10 parents has access to a mobile phone only confounded our resolve to utilize the mobile phone as the common denominator. We settled on making student information accessible via three mobile channels: USSD, mobile apps and online parent portals. See our features breakdown.

Today, after one year of development, piloting and numerous iterations I am excited to announce that SematimePlus is no longer in public beta. It’s now a complete, stable and mature product. This new status means that schools will no longer experience downtimes or broken features. It will just work as you expect it to. Already, our new parental engagement platform is in use by 600+ new schools spread out all over the country.

On behalf of everyone here at Sematime, I wish to express our sincere gratitude to our customers for their patience as we worked hard to stabilize the platform. Secondly, I celebrate each member of the Sematime team for their individual and collective efforts to help us accomplish this milestone.

Going forward, we’ll continue to innovate more as we endeavor to help any school anywhere engage parents through the mobile phone.

Founder & CEO




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