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It has been a while since we posted a new blog article. Reason? For the last three months, we have been very busy  improving Sematime to help schools engage parents even better than before. Our goal was to improve the already great software in use by 3,000+ schools in Kenya and make it the world’s best parental engagement software. We have introduced 100+ new features but here are my favourites of them all.

The Sematime mobile app

At Sematime, our mission is to help any school engage parents through the mobile phone. All through 2016, we did this through our USSD self-service code *384*100#. This worked well even on mulika mwizi phones and we managed to engage thousands of parents every month. Today, we are giving schools the option of using our mobile app to engage parents on another level. It’s beautifully designed, easy to use and contains lots of information about a student. Download it now on Google Play Store.

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The noticeboard

With the Noticeboard, we have finally made it easier for parents to discover and interact with all the great content your school is pushing to them. It is an continuous stream of all the exam results, fee structure, upcoming events, photos and newsletters that you have posted since the beginning of time arranged in a chronological order. If you have used Facebook or Twitter before, you will find the Noticeboard very familiar and yet very different and compelling. For starters, it makes your school social media ready; parents can like their favourite exam results or photos and even share them on their social media accounts.


Two-way communication through Discussions

Most schools on Sematime still engage parents primarily through SMS. Understanding why SMS is still the best communication channel for schools is not rocket science – nothing guarantees reliability and reachability of all parents regardless of the phone they are using than SMS. One downside of branded SMS messages is that parents have no way of responding to them.
Discussions on Sematime lets parents engage the school on issues regarding their sons and daughters. For example, when you send exam results, a parent can initiate a discussion with the you to find out why the student performed so poorly. Or, if a parent wants a PDF file of your fee structure, then you can use Discussions to upload and share it easily. This is a very versatile tool with limitless capabilities and we hope you will love it as much as we do.

Easy back-to-school shopping. Chap! Chap!

Does your school face problems with students sneaking drugs and contraband goods? Do students manage to sneak illegal publications like pornography? With Sematime online shopping, parents can shop online for their students school shopping. They only need to buy and we deliver the shopping to school anywhere in Kenya. We check the quality of the goods and make sure they are of the required standard and quality. Shopping is really easy; parents get to choose their package from our more than 5 expert-curated shopping lists, pay via M-PESA and we’ll deliver to the school in 3 days.


School fees loans for parents

School fees is a big problem for both schools and parents. Schools need money to sustain them though the academic sessions. Despite the government’s offer on subsidized tuition fees very many parents still struggle to pay their school fees on time and in totality. In 2016, over Ksh 1 billion worth of school fees notifications was sent through Sematime and by year end, a huge chunk of it was still not settled.
We have the perfect Valentine gift for parents and schools. Starting mid February 2017, we will be offering instant school fees loans to parents. Dial *384*100# or download our  mobile app, apply for a loan of between Ksh 5,000 – Ksh 15,000. If approved, the money will be wired directly to the school account.

I hope you will enjoy all the new cool features of Sematime like we do. To get started,

  1. Login to your Sematime account here –
  2. Download the Sematime Android app here –
  3. If you need any clarification or assistance, contact our support team on +254706129100.




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