SMS Branding

SMS branding helps you send text messages with the name of your organisation as opposed to a number. For example, if your organisation is called, Advark Systems Ltd, you can use Sematime to send all your text messages with the name ADVARK_LTD.

Why you should consider SMS branding.

They are a number of reasons why you should consider SMS branding:
  1. Promotes authenticity - your messages look genuine.
  2. Helps you look professional
  3. Marketing and brand promotion

How do I get started?

Well, it's pretty simple:
  1. Start by giving us the name that you would like to use to brand your messages. The name should have a maximum of 11 characters and should not contain any space e.g. ADVARK_LTD
  2. Wait for 2-3 work days for your brand name to be registered.

Our sales team is going to contact you once your account's SMS branding has been activated.
Contact our sales team - sales[at] for more information or call +254706129100 / +254202138192.