How to Add Events On Sematime


Adding School Calendar of Events

Sematime allows you to upload your annual calendar of events making it available on your school website, parent’s portal, Sematime Mobile App and USSD code (*384*100#). This helps to keep the parents and any other school stakeholders updated on any school upcoming events.

Below are a few simple steps that will help you upload the school calendar of events.

Step 1

Log into your Sematime account and on the menu select Events item number 6.

events menu

Step 2

After clicking on the Events option at the center of creating events dashboard an icon “+ Create Event” appears. Click on it and it takes you to the next step.

create event

Step 3

In step 3 a create event wizard appears asking you enter the following information;

  1. Name – type the name of the event here.
  2. Additional Info – type any additional information that comes with the event you are creating.
  3. When – click on the small calendar icon and a calendar pops up allowing you to choose date and time the event shall occur. By default the system takes the current date, so you have to choose the respective dates of your event. You can scroll from one month to another using the one arrow button enabling you to add events in the upcoming months. To add events to upcoming years click on the two arrows option.
  4. Add End Time – to add on when the event will be ending click on this option and another calendar pops up allowing you to select when the event will end.
  5. Invite Guests – this one is optional. It allows you to invite Guests from your contacts that shall be coming for the event. Click on the “Invite Guests” check box and an option for choosing who to invites appears. Click on the + and choose your guests from the contacts already added on your Sematime account.
  6. Send Invites On – click on the calendar option like in number 3 above and select when to send the invites on. This could act as your reminders option to keep people updated on when an event is upcoming. Also, you could use the message scheduling option in sending messages to also send reminders.
  7. Create – this is the last step on this create event wizard, a message should appear on top of the create event wizard saying “Event Created Successfully”.

create event wizard

Step 4

You have only created one event, how do you go about creating others. Just click on the “+ Create Event” button which is now at the top left corner of the calendar and follow the steps described above.

Viewing Events

From the system you can view the events so created by choosing between the three options;

  1. Weekly – click on this to view events on a weekly basis
  2. Monthly – click on this to view events on a monthly basis and you can use the scroll buttons just below the “+ Create Event” option to navigate between the different months.
  3. Termly – click this option to view events on a termly basis. Click on the drop down menu to view other terms.

viewing events

These view options are at the top right corner of the page and they help in finding the events you have created. Also, the search option at the top of the view events options can help you to find any upcoming events created. You only need to create these events on your Sematime account and automatically they are updated in the School Website, Parents Portal, Sematime Mobile App and the USSD Code *384*100#.

Editing or Deleting Events

To edit or delete an event, in any of the above view modes, right click on the event. Here are some of the options after right clicking;

  1. Delete – the first option click on it and then confirm you want to delete and the event will be deleted.
  2. Edit – this is the last option which allows you to edit details of an event you had created, e.g. changing the date.
  3. Create Event – provides another option for creating events.
  4. View Details – the third option allows you viewi details of the event you had created. There are also options here for deleting and editing an event.

That’s it for this week, see you next week with another tutorial article on operating your Sematime account.






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