How to Add Newsletter on Sematime

Sematime provides a newsletter section in the account where you can post termly newsletters, assignments for students to download over the holidays.

You no longer have to print all those documents and handover newsletters and other circulars to parents. Our news editor lets you create news rich text articles that contain images, videos, PDF, Word or Excel attachments. In the following steps we are going to see how to add these newsletter articles;

1.     Go to Newsletter

Once logged into your account go to item number seven on the menu and click on it. You will be prompted to create a new article so click on “+ New Article”.

2.     New Article Wizard

After clicking on the new article option a new article wizard appears. In this wizard it’s where you shall input your newsletter contents as below;

  1. First, you have to input the title of your article by typing in the space written “Enter Title”.
  2. Insert document provides an option for uploading documents (word, excel, PDF), pictures, videos or even links.
  3. Toolbar which helps in editing your article, you can use functions such as bolding, italics, etc.
  4. Content space – in this space type or paste the contents of your newsletter and use options (b) and (c) for any edits.
  5. Publish – click on this button at the bottom right corner once done editing the newsletter article.

Steps 2(b) and 2(c) above are a bit involving so let’s take a deeper look at them.

news wizard


3.     Editing your Article

There is a toolbar to enable you to edit your article before posting. This toolbar is more like the one in the Microsoft office word. Let’s take a look at the main features;

  • A bolding option which is the first on the toolbar allows you to bold important text on your newsletter article. Click on the B to activate bolding.
  • The second on the toolbar menu is the Italic option which allows you to italicize texts on your article. Click on the I to activate italics option.
  • U This option allows you to underline any text in your article for emphasis.
  • The next two options are for superscripts x2 or x2 click on each to activate either option.
  • Aligning your text is the next option on the Toolbar menu. Use it to align your text accordingly.
  • To number your items use the two bullets options provided either numbering or dotting.
  • To insert an image use the “Insert Image” option to add images to your newsletter. First, upload the image using the “Insert Document” (discussed in step 4 below) then paste the link into the pane that pops up after clicking on the “Insert Image” option on the toolbar.
  • To insert or remove a link, use the third and second last options on the toolbar menu.
  • You can remove all the formatting by highlighting all the text and clicking on the last option on the toolbar menu.

That’s it on the Toolbar menu, feel free to explore it or instead you can type your newsletter content in word and then come and paste it into the content space.

4.     Inserting Documents/Images/Videos

The is a Media Manager which lets you store photos, videos, and other documents online so that you can later share them with other users. For example, if you are posting an announcement about the new fee structure, you might want to share a PDF document containing the exact figures plus bank account details. Parents can then download and print the file from your website, parent’s portal or the mobile app.

Click on “Insert Document” option and a page pops up asking you to upload the document. Click on the “Upload Document”, then, you can either drag your file or click on “Select File to Upload”. Once your file is uploaded successfully a new wizard opens up. In this “Insert Image” wizard you can see the file you have uploaded and a link to the file so uploaded. In this pane you can;

  • Upload – provides an option for uploading another file, image, document etc.
  • Copy Link – copy this link so as to insert it on the “Insert Image” for images or “Create Link” for documents or videos as described in step 3 above.
  • Rename – this allows you to rename a file you have uploaded.
  • Download – to download any files uploaded click this option.
  • Delete – to delete any files uploaded click on the delete option.
  • Document Link – provides you with an option for copying the link directly.

After getting (copying) the link, close the page and you are back to the editing article page. Click on either “Insert Image” or “Create Link” and paste the link there in the small wizard that pops up.

insert 1 insert 2

insert 3

5.     Publishing the Article

Once done editing the newsletter article and inserting any links or images click on the “Publish” option at the bottom right corner. The article will now be live on your school website, parent’s portal or mobile app and if there are any files to be downloaded they will get them from there.

after publishing

6.     Dispersing the Newsletter Article

After publishing the newsletter article you can send it out to parents via a text message by clicking on the “Send Sms” option. The message to that will be delivered to the parent will have the Newsletter Title, then the first sentence of the newsletter content and then a link will be provided. In this link, they can click on it to view the whole newsletter content.

Apart from the “Send Sms” option, there are other options like editing the newsletter, deleting it or adding a new article.

That’s it on Newsletters an option which should go a long way in helping you send rich media and long messages without much printing. Have a great time exploring this option and don’t forget to lookout for the next article at



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