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How to Add Photos on Sematime

Capture all the important moments and share them with parents and other stakeholders. Sematime allows you to share these important moments like; student’s trips, academic outings, sports days, parents meeting, and drama or music festivals by uploading the photos in your account in folder forms. To upload these photos in your make sure you have them saved in an easily accessible folder on your computer. This, of course, is not the only step in helping you share the photos. Below are the steps that will take you through on how to upload photos to your Sematime account.

1.     Click Photos

On your Sematime account menu (once you have already logged in) click “Photos” the second last item on the menu. On the pane that opens up, there is an option for adding photos “+ Add Photos” click on this button and it will take you to the next step.

photos menu

2.     Uploading Photos

After clicking on add photos you can upload photos in two ways. One is you drag and drop the photos in the dotted area and wait for the photo to be uploaded successfully. This option requires you to know how to drag and drop items on your computer. The second option is by clicking “Select Photo” to choose a photo from the location on your computer where it is saved. Double click on the specific photo and wait for it to be uploaded successfully.

select photo

Note in the first option you can select several photos to be dragged and dropped which is not possible in the second option. Also, the rate of upload will depend on how first your internet connectivity is. The drag and drop photos should be related photos as you will create a single folder for all of them.

3.     Choose/Create an Album

The next step is to specify the album in which you would like your photo saved in. To specify this you have to create a new album in which you will add the photo to. Click on “Create New Album” option and type in the name of the album and click “OK”.

album name

When uploading other photos you will now have the option of choosing the previously created album or you can create another album.

4.     Adding Brief Description

During album creation, you have the option of adding a brief description on what photos in the album are about. For example; Academic trip to Masinga Dam or sports day teams etc. Adding a “Brief Description” option only appears once during the creation of an album. Once you have created the album as described in step 3 above, type a brief description in the box just below the statement “Brief Description”.

5.     Click Add Photos

Lastly, click on “Add Photos” button at the bottom right corner to finish. You should now be able to view your album and the photo(s) added.

last step

6.     Viewing Photos

All photos uploaded will be displayed in the different albums so created. To view photos in a certain album click on it and it shall open and then scroll from on photo to another.

Viewing photos

To delete an album, open it and at the top right corner click on the “settings like button” and you can either rename your album or delete it. Note that delete option deletes the whole album.

All the photos will now be accessible by parents on the Mobile App, Parent’s Portal or the School Website for those who have their school website integrated with the Sematime account. Now let’s get into sharing those moments. If you are there and maybe this article was not clear enough we are always ready to assist you at our office desk 0706129100 or Till next time.



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