Adding How to Pay Fees Instructions on Sematime

Parents can get instructions on how to pay school fees using the different Sematime channels. These are channels like ShuleYanguMkononi USSD code *384*100#, Sematime Mobile App or Parent’s Portal (insert links). All you need to do is feed the information in your Sematime account and they shall be able to access it. Let’s into how to add the how to pay instructions using the following steps:

1.     Login to your Sematime Account

Open your browser and go to the address Then enter you login credentials i.e. email address and password then click login. You are now into your account and you can see your notice board. Let’s go to step number two now.

2.     Open Settings

To open settings option, go to the top right corner and click on the drop down menu, it displays several items like; Account Activity, My Subscriptions, Settings and Logout option. Select the “Settings” option.

click settings

3.     Select Others Option

On selecting the Settings option, again, several options are displayed like; My Profile, Change Password, Assign User Privileges, API Integrations and now “Others” which is the last option. Select this option by clicking on it.

settings page

4.     Select Fees Option

Under the “Others” option there is messages option and fees option. Select on the “Fees” option by clicking on the drop down menu (the arrow should point downwards) to display the option “How to Pay”.

5.     Click on How to Pay Option

Now that the option on how to pay has been displayed, click on it to enable typing the instructions. You are given a maximum of 160 characters to give instructions of how parents can pay their school fees. You can give the school account bank details, pay-bill options or any other modes of payment accepted in your school. Once you have typed the entire how to pay instructions, click on “Save Changes” option at the right bottom corner.

how to pay

Your school’s how to pay instructions will be automatically updated in all the channels and accessible to all parents. That’s it on adding the how to pay instructions, for further queries we are always happy to help, 0706129100 is the number or for emails.



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