A guide to Sematime website widgets

These days almost every school in Kenya has a website. While most schools use it as a way to tell the world about their school much of the content available on the website is never updated regularly. It’s not uncommon to find a school whose website’s calendar of events was last updated in 2013. Majority of the schools we have spoken to would really love to keep posting updates on the websites but since making any changes requires some understanding of HTML, CSS and other web development programming languages, they are not able to.

That’s where Sematime’s website widgets come in. Sematime already allows schools to post exam results, fee balances, upcoming events, newsletters and photos in their school accounts. With our website widgets, you can have the same content added to your Sematime account available to your website users such that when you add a new event to your calendar, it automatically appears on the school’s website without you having to do anything else.

All you have to do is to copy and paste some code into your website’s HTML files and we shall handle the rest for you. It’s very similar to embedding a Google Calendar or Facebook post into a website or a blog. When done well, website widgets really bring a website to live and keep visitors trooping in regularly.


We provide the following widgets: events calendar, newsletters, photo gallery, exam results and fee structure. You can choose to add all of them or just pick the most relevant for you. Now lets look at how to go about adding these widgets into your website. All widgets require the school ID parameter that you can get by contacting Sematime customer service desk via phone 0706129100 or email info[at]sematime.com.

Events Calendar

The events calendar widget allows you to display upcoming school events updates in two options, a smaller widget that lists events with dates in a summarized format and a full page event calendar which displays a calendar where key event dates are populated with event data. The summarized list is appropriate for placement on the home page while the other widget can be place on it page of it’s own.

Event Widget.fw

To integrate the summarized widget, paste the code below to the area you wish to display it:

<iframe style="min-height: 320px; background-color: #fff;" src="http://account.sematime.com/widgets/?view=events&schoolId=yourSchoolId&type=upcoming"" width="100%" height="100%" frameborder="0">

yourSchoolId – refers to the ID of your school as given by Sematime.  

You are at liberty to style the widget as you wish by inserting custom CSS code but be careful not to break the functionality.


To add the full page calendar widget into your website, copy and paste the following code into the desired location.

<iframe style=”min-height: 580px; background-color: #fff;” src=”http://account.sematime.com/widgets/?view=events&schoolId=yourSchoolId” width=”100%” height=”100%” frameborder=”0″>

Event Calendar Widget
Events calendar widget


The newsletters widget provides a summarized news list widget and a blog format news feed widget where a longer summary of the news is provided. The summarized list is appropriate for use in the home page whereas the blog format would best apply for a full page.

News-Widget (Small)
News List

To integrate the summarized widget, paste the code below to the area you wish to display it:

<iframe src="http://account.sematime.com/widgets/?view=news&schoolId=yourSchoolId&type=recent" frameborder="0" style="min-height:320px;background-color: #fff;" height="100%" width="100%">

yourSchoolId – refers to the ID of your school as given by Sematime.

You are free to make style this widget as you so wish but exercise caution to avoid breaking it.



If you prefer the full page layout, then copy and paste this code in the desired location on your website.

<iframe src="http://account.sematime.com/widgets/?view=news&schoolId=yourSchoolId" frameborder="0" style="min-height:980px;background-color: #fff;" 

News Widget.fw


Photo Gallery

The photo gallery widget allows you to neatly display image galleries to provide website visitors a preview of life at school. Images are uploaded from Sematime and will instantly reflect on the website.

Photo Gallery

<iframe src="http://account.sematime.com/widgets/?view=photos&schoolId=yourSchoolId" frameborder="0" style="min-height:800px;background-color: #fff;" height="100%" width="100%">


Exam Results

Our exam results widget lets you pull data from your school’s Sematime account to display on the website. It presents a sneak peek view of exactly how each exam was performed. For instance, the class average, best scores, top ten and bottom ten ranking.

Exam Results Widget
Exam results widget

<iframe src="http://account.sematime.com/widgets/?view=exams&schoolId=yourSchoolId" frameborder="0" style="min-height:680px;background-color: #fff;" height="100%" width="100%">


Fee Structure

The fee structure widget provides a modern way of displaying school fees on your website. The fees can be updated and changes will reflect instantly on the website.

Fees Structure Widget
Fee structure widget

<iframe style="min-height: 850px; background-color: #fff;" src="http://account.sematime.com/widgets/?view=fees&schoolId=yourSchoolId" width="100%" height="100%" frameborder="0">

Some of the schools using our website widgets to breath some new fresh life into their websites:

  1. Kapsabet Boys High School – www.kapsabetboys.sc.ke
  2. Ngandu Girls High School – www.ngandugirls.sc.ke
  3. Naivasha Girls High School – www.naivashagirls.sc.ke
  4. Applegate School Kakamega – www.applegateschool.sc.ke
  5. Chantilly schools – www.chantillyschools.ac.ke

To use our website widgets, your school needs to have an active Sematime account. Create a new account here – register now. Get in touch with us today on 0706129100 or info[at]sematime.com to have us redesign your website or assist with the implementation of the widgets.



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