Sending Exams Results on Sematime


How to Send Exams Results on Sematime

For the past few weeks we have been looking at Sematime features like “how to manage contacts”, “sending sms” etc. Today we are going to explore another feature which is sending exams results.

Long gone are the days when report cards would have to be sent to the parents via post office and some parents would not even get them as students might have given wrong addresses some intentionally others not. Then technology came and some of the students would pass by the cyber cafes in town and edit their report cards. To cater for this kind of delay or some of these cunning students, Sematime allows you to have the parent receive exams results of their daughter or son as soon as they are out by giving you unlimited bulk sms and a platform to do so via text messages. Let’s take a look at how to do all this.

Below are the steps that will take you through on how to send exams results.

1. Prepare your Excel File

The excel file should have the following columns; Name of the student, Admission Number of the student, Marks scored per subject, Total Marks scored by the student,  Grade attained and Ranking/Position of the student.

NB: The first row of the MS Excel file MUST always contain the names/labels of the respective columns. For example, the column representing the students’ name be ‘Name’, that representing the students’ admission number be ‘ADM NO’. This helps Sematime to identify different fields and their values.

2. Click on Add Exams Results

When done with preparing the Excel file, have it saved on your computer.Next thing is to go on the menu and click ‘Exams’, then click ‘Send Results’ button (for first timers) or ‘Add Exams Results’. The system will then prompt you to select all the subjects undertaken in the school and provide the abbreviation for each of the subjects. If there are any subjects not listed by the system you can add them by clicking on ‘New Subject’. After selecting the subjects by checking on the boxes click on ‘Next’.



3. Uploading the Excel File

This is where now you upload the excel file you prepared in step 1, either by dragging and dropping the excel file containing the exams results to the dotted area, or click ‘Select Excel File’ to choose the file from your computer. Specify the location of the Excel file that contains the exams results file by clicking on ‘Open’.

You can download a sample Excel sheet for referencing by clicking on the ‘Download’ link.

4. Mapping your Excel File

Once you are done with uploading, a wizard appears which requires you to map your columns by clicking on the drop down menu. This helps the system in telling which columns in your Excel file contains details such as; the student’s admission number, name, position, marks scored. You do this by clicking on the drop down menu(v) and choosing the column name.

Click ‘Next’ to continue where another wizard appears that lets you enter the ‘Exam Name’, e.g. End Term, Mocks Exam, e.t.c and to also provide additional details such as; ‘Class Size’, ‘Class Average’, ‘Best Score’ and ‘Term’. Click on ‘Next’ to find another wizard that lets you choose to either send the exams results at the time or add them first and send later. If you choose to send exams results right away check on the box at the top left corner of Add Exam Results pane and optionally enter a message on how the exam was performed for example. If you choose to send later do not check the box and click on ‘Add Results’ at the bottom of the pane.

5. Other Features

After adding the exams results, there are some few other functionalities you can perform. These are;

  1. View Results option, which is on your right hand side lets you open and view the results just like they were in your Excel file.
  2. Highlighting on the check boxes, once you highlight on a particular box or all of them a ‘Send Sms’ option appears at the top left corner of the pane which allows you to now send the exams results.
  3. Maximizing or minimizing the results pane for a better viewing.
  4. Double clicking which allows you to edit the different fields of a row in case there were any errors during the editing of the excel file.

You still can edit the name of an exam by highlighting on a particular exam. Once you highlight on any particular exam two options appear at the top of the page one for ‘Editing’ and the other for ‘Deleting’.

To send other exams results in the future click on the ‘+ Add Exam Results’ which is at the top left corner in a blue rectangle.

That’s it for today, let’s now get into keeping the parents up to date with their children’s performance. See you next week for another series on the Sematime tutorial articles.





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