Sending Fee Balances on Sematime

Fee Balances

Sending Fee Balances on Sematime

Happy New Month everyone, I hope 2017 is taking you well. Last year we reviewed several Sematime features such as ‘contacts management’, ‘sending sms’ and ‘sending exams results’. To start off this month lets look at another feature which is sending fee balance reminders.

Sematime lets you send updated fee balances to parents through branded sms and also makes them available in both the parent’s portal  and the #ShuleYanguMkononi initiative on USSD code (*384*100#). Below are the steps that will take us through on sending fees balances:

1.     Preparing the Reports

Before uploading the fee balances, you need to prepare fee balance report in an Excel, just like in Sending Exams results. The Excel file must have the following columns;

  • Student’s admission number (ADM NO)
  • Student’s name (NAME)
  • Fees balance amount (AMOUNT)

fee bal report


Once done with the preparation of the reports in Excel let’s move to the next step.

Note that you won’t be including the phone numbers in this report since we had already added the phone numbers during contacts management session and the system will automatically detect the respective phone numbers using the ADM NO’s.

2.     Uploading Fee Balances

Log into your account, select item number 6 on the menu and click on ‘Add Fee Balances’ for first time users. By clicking on + Add Fee Balances, the system requests you to ‘Select Excel File’, which you prepared in Step 1. Click on the Select Excel button to upload the fee balances report. Now that you have successfully selected the Excel file containing the report in Step 1, let’s move to the next step.

3.     Adding Fee Balances

This step requires you to tell the system which columns in your Excel file contain the student’s admission number, name, and fee balance amount. You do this by clicking on the drop down menu v and choosing the column name. The system has Fee balance field’s names which you should match with the columns in your Excel file. For example; see below;

mapping fees bal

4.     Sending Fee Balances Messages

To send fee balance messages to parents click on the check box at the top left of the ‘Add fee balances’ pane and then a blue tick appears. Now you can type an optional message on the box below informing the parents for example on when they should clear their fee balances. Finish by clicking on the Update Balances button at the right bottom corner, messages will be sent and you will get a delivery report right away.

sending balances

5.     Updating Fee Balances

Sematime Plus allows you to update your fee balances in two ways;

  • One you can double click on a particular student that you want to change the balance and then enter the new amount and click save.
  • The second way is by preparing another report like in Step 1 with updated fee balances amounts and follow the same steps of sending fees balances.

updating fee bal

Note that after you have updated the fee balances only the amount and the date updated on changes, so when the parent dials *384*100# or uses the Sematime App they can tell the last time their balances were updated. Also, note that you can send a fee balance message to a single parent by clicking on the check box at the left side of the fee balances page.

Hope this article will go a long way in helping you in send fee balances and in case of any challenges don’t hesitate to contact our customer care desk on 0706129100 or




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