Sending Sms on Sematime

Sending Sms on Sematime

For our on-going ‘Tutorials’ series today let’s look at sending sms on Sematime. In either way sending sms should be easy but we are still going to look at it because its very fundamental that one knows how to do it on this platform.  This will cover all aspects on sending sms from your account all the way to reading delivery reports. To send your sms you need to have your contacts all in place as covered in the previous series on “managing contacts on Sematime”.  So let’s get into it (sending sms on Sematime).

Entering Recipients

There are two ways of sending a sms; one is when you are sending to an already saved contact group and two is when you want to send to an unsaved contact.

  1. Sending to a Saved Contact Group – On the menus click sms and on enter recipients select “Add from Contacts”. All earlier saved groups will appear, select the ones you wish to send the message to by ticking on the check boxes and then finish the selection process by clicking on the “Add Groups” button at the bottom of the page. If you wish to send sms to specific group members, still on “Add from Contacts” select “Contacts” button instead of “Groups” and then on the check box tick the specific members to send sms to and then finish by clicking on “Add contacts”. Close the page so that you can proceed to typing the message by clicking on “Close”.



  1. Sending to a non-Saved Contact – On the text box “Enter Recipients” type the number that you are sending the sms to and then after typing click “ENTER” on your keyboard so that the number is highlighted. You can enter as many numbers here through the same process and then proceed to send sms page.

Entering the Message

This is the part where you type in the sms that you want to send. In the second text box type in the sms that you wish to send, take note of the number of characters one sms page takes. Sematime allows you to have longer messages whereby you are given around 300 characters per page and you can send sms of a maximum two pages. Remember that your signature is always considered when it comes to the number of characters your messages will take. As you type your message will be previewed on the right side of the sending sms pane on a phone like screen.


Sending Message

Now that you have entered recipients and also the message body, it’s time to send the sms now. At the bottom of the page click “Send Message” and your messages will be dispatched immediately, a screen pops up saying “sending messages in background” and after a delivery report comes up indicating successfully delivered sms and failed ones. Open the delivery report to see in details the numbers that received and those that did not.


At the bottom of the sms page there is a history of the sent messages. There are a few functionalities you can perform by clicking (highlighting) on messages in this history section;


  1. View report-in case you did not look at the delivery report after sending the messages this allows you to revisit that option and view report in details.
  2. Forward – by selecting forward it takes you back to the sending message option the message body remains the same, you only have to enter different recipients.
  3. Delete – allows you to delete any messages you don’t wish for them to remain in the history.

Message Scheduling

Messages scheduling allows you to send sms at a future date. First you enter the recipients, then the message content and then click on “Schedule” option just next after “Send Message” option. A calendar appears which allows you to select date and time you wish the messages to be dispatched to your target contacts. Click “OK” and a message screen will appear indicating your message has been scheduled successfully.




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