How to Change your Sematime Account Password

A Password is a secret word or phrase or string of characters that allow access to a computer or a system. When you are registering for a Sematime account you were asked,among other things, to create a password. This password is essential for ensuring the safety of your account, hence, the reason why it’s defined as a secret phrase or word.

First and foremost Login to your Sematime account, then now let’s look at how to change the password?

1.     Go to Settings

On the top right corner of you Sematime account interface, click on the drop-down menu next to the Admin avatar. Click on the “Settings” option.

2.     Choose Change Password Option

On the settings options, there are five tabs that appear i.e. my profile, change password, user privileges, API integration, and others. Select or click on the “Change Password” tab.

3.     Setting New Password

In the dialog below type your old password. Then in the next dialog “Enter New Password” type the new password and in the next one “Confirm New Password” type the same password again to confirm it.

4.     Save New Password

Click on “Change password” to ensure your changes are saved and your new password is set. The Change Password button is at the bottom right corner of the change password pane and highlighted in blue.

You have now successfully changed your password and you can now go and Login using your new password. Next, we shall look into how to reset the password using the don’t know password” option on the Login page.



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