Adding Fee Structure on Sematime


Sematime allows you to upload your school fee structure on your account to make it available to the parents and other stakeholders. This is ­through the school website, parent’s portal, Sematime App and the #ShuleYanguMkononi code *384*100# (star 384 star 100 hash). Making the fee structure available on all these platforms requires only that you upload it into your Sematime account using the following steps:

1.     Preparing the Fee Structure

Just like in the other article we have done; contacts management, sending exams and sending fee balances the system will again require you to prepare the school fee structure in an Excel file before uploading it. So to prepare it in Excel, the file must have the following columns as outlined below:

  • Vote Head – describing the fee breakdown; for example, Tuition, Boarding, Insurance, Medical, etc.
  • First Term –  describing amounts to be paid in term 1 of that current year.
  • Second Term – describing amounts to be paid in the second term of that year.
  • Third Term – describing amounts to be paid in the third term of that year.

fee structure format

Note that your Excel file should not have a column or a row with the total as the system usually does its own total calculations termly and yearly. So to avoid the system taking your column/row totals as Vote Heads do not include them.

If different classes/forms have different fee-structures then you will need to prepare them differently for the different classes/forms as the system provides an option for adding the fee structure for specific forms/classes.

2.     Adding the Fee Structure

After preparing the fee structure you can now upload it, so go ahead and log into your Sematime account, on the menu click on Fees then at the top left corner of the Fees pane select Fee Structure. Click on the “Add Fee Structure” button at the centre of the page.

fee structure option

The system will ask you to choose the forms/classes whose structure you want to add. Choose the respective form/class; example see below. If you had prepared different fee-structures for different forms/classes you will choose the fee structure of the form/class accordingly and then upload the Excel file you had prepared in step 1.

choosing class or form

3.     Uploading

After choosing the form/class whose structure you want to upload the system will ask you to select the Excel file which you had prepared. Click on “Select Excel File” and choose the file according to the class/form you have chosen above.

4.     Mapping Columns

This step requires you to tell the system which columns in your Excel file contain the Vote Head and amounts for term 1, term 2 & term 3 by clicking on the drop down menu (v) and choosing the column name. You do this by clicking on the drop down menu (v) and choosing the column name. The system has Fee structure field’s names which you should match with the columns in your Excel file. For example; see below.


After matching the columns click Next and you shall preview the contents of your Excel file. To edit any errors you had not noticed while preparing it in the Excel file double click to make changes then save.

Finish by clicking on Add Fee Structure icon and your fee structure will be live on all the platforms mentioned at the beginning of this article.

5.     After Adding the Fee Structure

If you had a different fee structure for different forms/classes you will follow the same steps as above. When you get to the point of choosing form/class remember to choose a different form/class than the one you had previously selected. You will see an “+ Add Fee Structure” icon at the top left corner, click on it and follow the steps described above.

After adding the Fee Structure you have the option of deleting it or editing it in the case of some changes or maybe the introduction of a new vote head. You do this by first selecting the form/class at the top right corner of the Fees pane then click “Edit” for editing or “Delete” if you want to delete it.

Let’s now get into keeping the parents updated with the school fee structure by uploading it as described above as we look forward to another article next week.



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